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an improved way to inform, collaborate with and understand your citizens

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Better Engagement For Your Initiative

Reach More Citizens

The Playground Project Builder helps you simplify your message into words that everyone can understand. With the help of visuals and immersive VR experiences, we inform citizens about your project in an engaging way. Made simple for you in form of templates and AI.

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Lasting Relationships

Build On Existing Connections

Keep in touch with your participants throughout different stages of participation. Build Trust & relationships that last.

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More Insights

Powerful Survey Engine

Create any type of survey, from simple to complex. Got stuck? Our AI assistant will suggest relevant questions for your project and help you get back on track.

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A Digital Notepad for Your Participation

Insanely Detailed Analytics

Our state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing algorithms help you extract meaningful insights from the data. Combine that with the powerful filters to focus on what matters most.

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Better Reports

All Questions Answered

Save time on bureaucracy and documentation. Instantly generate a report that is recognized by your municipality, and prove your participation efforts.

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Flexible And Scalable From The Start

Seamless Integration Into Your Current Workflow, allowing for more focused decision-making.

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Your Best Return On Investment

Save valuable hours weekly while unlocking a neighborhood's true potential. Bring clarity, productivity, and strategic decision-making in collaboration with the citizens.

Starter Participation Plan


  • General City Insights

  • Template Project Page

  • Commenting

  • Surveys | Polls

  • 2 User Accounts

  • Basic Analytics

Smarter Participation Plan

Project Based

  • Postcode Insights (~1mil datasets)

  • Generate Custom Project Pages

  • AI Surveys + AI Co Pilot

  • 5 User Accounts

  • Advanced Analytics

  • More

Designed To Redefine The Way Professionals And Citizens Collaborate

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Representative Participation in Community Engagement Processes - Key Factors

Effective community participation is essential for inclusive and representative decision-making in urban development projects. To ensure that all voices are heard and considered, various factors contribute to achieving representative participation. From inclusive outreach efforts to transparent processes and collaborative decision-making, these factors play a crucial role in engaging diverse community members and building trust in the decision-making process. In this summary, we explore key factors that contribute to representative participation. By incorporating these elements into participation initiatives, stakeholders involved in shaping urban development initiatives can create more inclusive and equitable processes that reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of the communities they serve.

2 months ago
The Playground Perspective

A playground for co-creation: a digital approach

In today's built environment, inefficiencies plague the design process, leading to common delays. The coordination between us architects and consultants, weighing costs and benefits, often results in a slow and tedious design process. Delay becomes the tool to prevent problems or bottlenecks in later stages. Early intervention in the process can have a significant impact at a lower cost, while costs rise exponentially as the process progresses, and solutions become increasingly complex.

4 months ago

Identifying Citizen Engagement Challenges in Urban Development

In this latest edition of the Playground Perspective series, we deep dive into the pressing challenges faced by urban development in an era of rapid global urbanization. Urban growth brings with it opportunities for economic progress and innovation, but it also leads to complex issues. These challenges include housing shortages, infrastructural demands, and environmental concerns. To ensure that urban expansion benefits all sections of society, we need holistic, comprehensive and proactive strategies for city planning and development. In this article, we explore these challenges in detail, emphasizing the delicate balance between rapid development and sustainability. We also underscore the pivotal role of inclusive citizen engagement in shaping and streamlining the future of urban planning. Our objective is to contribute to a dialogue that drives the creation of resilient, equitable, and sustainable urban environments.

5 months ago
The Playground Perspective

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